Where to buy a proxy server?

Where to buy a proxy server?
Everybody knows where to buy food. It only seems more difficult to buy proxies, you just need another supermarket.

If you are going to buy proxy server, then you've already voted for anonymity, speed and enhanced security. If you just liked the word, please read some of our blog posts: What is a proxy server and how does it make online life easier? and How can private proxies ensure online anonymity?

Now let's find out, where to buy high-quality servers and what you should do for this. There are free options, so what's the point of spending money? Read our blog post to find out.

Why should you choose a proxy?

When surfing the Internet, there is the risk of bumping into wrongdoers that can steal your personal data. Proxy servers can protect you from this.

They create a layer between you and the Internet, a buffer the malicious software will face. Thus, a server puts its IP address instead of yours keeping you anonymous.

There are also other advantages of the technology:

  • traffic filter hiding unwanted websites;
  • speeding up work of certain resources, as a proxy server can download data in its cache;
  • control of the users' actions made on the Internet from your computer.

All these advantages are valuable, and they go hand in hand in a good server.

Why is a paid proxy better than a free one?

You go along the same road, but feel differently along the way.

Free proxy servers can perplex you. If they work, what's the point of paying for what you can get for free?

It's a little bit more complicated than that. Free proxies do handle the tasks they are designed for. But you must be aware that they can correctly deal only with a limited range of jobs. Common access of proxy users to one portal slows down the speed, results in failures or loss of signal. It compromises anonymity — it's easier to track mass actions, and most of the large websites just block such proxies. A part of free servers don't work at all or are created to collect the data.

The paid proxy is available only to a user that bought it, no one else will compromise it, and will not access personal data of the user. The speed is ultimate, anonymity is full, and all configuration tools are available. Only paid proxies are good for fully-fledged work — multi accounting, newsletter subscriptions, parsing of any data, traffic control. The provider regularly validates the servers, while technical support solves issues that can arise.

If you are serious about protection and anonymity, it's worth buying a private proxy.

Where to buy proxies?

Many companies lease proxy servers, but you should choose it very carefully. A quality of service can differ considerably: it's reasonable to read customer feedbacks, examine the terms and conditions, learn more about the company. How thoroughly does the service check its capabilities, are there any ways to validate the server by yourself? What protocol do you need? Is it better to buy: Russian or foreign proxies?

On the Proxy.Market website, you can buy IPv4 and IPv6 proxies. Allocating a separate subnetwork of a new format or randomly allocating a subnetwork from a common IPv4 list allows to ensure stable, fast operation, when no one will compromise the capabilities offered to you.

To reduce costs, it's possible to choose shared IPv4 proxies you have in common with other two or three users. This service costs half as much as an individual proxy. Users are offered the checkers — tools designed to validate proxies and check website compatibility with IPv6, and the format converter.

What does the proxy price depend upon?

The price tag takes into account many factors:

  • A type of the proxy server: HTTP, SHTTP, SOCKS;
  • A version of the supported Internet Protocol: IPv4 or IPv6;
  • Anonymity level;
  • Geolocation: Russian or foreign;
  • The number of rented servers: the more servers you rent, the less you pay per unit.
  • Rental term: the longer, the cheaper.
  • Almost all points are clear without additional explanations. But let's dwell on the price difference between proxies of various protocols.

IPv6 is faster, has more reliable encryption, but costs less. The technology is implemented slowly because of the upgrade costs, and is not supported by some websites. The second reason is that, due to a large number of available addresses, they are easier to use for DDoS attacks, that's why some resources block such servers. Besides, available IPv4 proxies are not so numerous. That's why the old format costs several times higher. You should carefully plan the tasks you need proxies for, and then check, if you can handle the set tasks.


Now you know why you need to buy proxies, how they will help you, and what to pay attention to. It's a user-friendly, multi-functional tool for work and entertainment. But it's important to choose carefully, check the provider and validate the server. A responsible service will offer you special tools for these tasks.