Russian proxies at a bargain price?

Russian proxies at a bargain price?
Buy Russian proxy
Buy Russian proxy

Choosing Russian proxy servers for work is not about patriotic mindset. It's all about practical considerations. Russian proxies work better with Russian websites. They are faster and more stable due to geography, and the minor bonuses are the right system language and payment systems users are familiar with. Read this blog post to learn more about these and other properties of Russian proxies.

What is a Russian proxy?

In a word, the essence of the technology is that intermediary servers put your IP instead of yours. Therefore, Russian servers put native network address. This is a lucky combination with geographically close location of servers – due to this, servers work with these websites faster.

As a result, Russian proxies perform great when dealing with parsing big amount of data from Russian websites, mass liking, managing subscriptions, multi accounting. This is the best choice for mass actions for SEO, SMM, digital marketing focused on Russian Internet portals. They also provide high security and anonymity. In this respect, they don't differ significantly from foreign equivalents.

Local IP of Russian proxy servers makes them the first choice for foreign network users that need access to websites of this country.

Ultimately, Russian intermediary servers happen to be the best choice to solve Russian websites tasks, both for foreigners and local users.

Specific features of RF proxies

Most peculiarities of Russian proxies are determined by their location:

They have fast response and high stability in local conditions

The most important peculiarity of Russian proxies is fast and stable operation with local websites. Server vicinity to the user affects the speed of work. A proxy and a website are divided by fewer intermediary stages, so the response comes back faster. This property is important for all users without exceptions, as it fits both for bulk job tasks and entertainment.

They change location within the country

Server geography is important for digital marketing specialists and SEO professionals. When promoting social networks, advertising campaigns, mass liking, mass following, parsing, the server location directly affects the outcome.


For example, you should only use Russian proxies of the required region to check, how advertising campaign with geotargeting works. Foreign IP addresses will watch their advertising instead of ads you configured. Besides, foreign proxies can be blocked or restricted by the website or service you work with. There are dozens of such dedicated tasks.


Russian websites trust local IPs more. They are banned not so often, and you won't have to enter captchas frequently. When you have to log in the same resource many times, this turns into a real benefit. You will save both time, efforts and cash. Russian proxies are rarely blocked, banned and lose its value for the owner.

They are geolocated in Russia

The third peculiarity is that proxies with Russian addresses can be located only in that country. At first view, it's not the most important detail. As we have already mentioned speaking about value of Russian proxies for foreigners, it affects access to Russian websites from other countries. But if combined with a peering contract of large Russian providers that hampers data exchange between different services, the situation becomes more complicated.


Proxy can brilliantly play a role of intermediary within the network of one country speeding up the work. A foreign website may fail to access the website, if its owners have decided to restrict access for foreigners.


Most multi-language websites use IP of the region to automatically adapt to the region of use.

This triggers another benefit of Russian proxies. Even when hiding your online persona, they still inform that you are from this country. So the Russian language is chosen automatically, you don't have to change settings manually.

Buy Russian proxy
Buy proxy

Types of Russian proxies

In this country, the same types of servers that work worldwide are available and run stable.

There are free servers anyone can connect to, but they are often compromised and work slowly.

There are private paid solutions only their owner can access. They run fast and stable, offer flexible settings and support a wide range of tools.

Users of Russian proxies can choose between IPv4 and IPv6, and between all kinds of data transmission protocols:

HTTP — a universal format to view websites. It's convenient, but not the safest one. Its use can result in leaks of personal data.

HTTPS — a safer version of the previous protocol. It's used to avoid compromising user data.

SOCKS5 — the most advanced solution providing complete online anonymity. Websites don't recognize that they interact with an intermediary server.

Corporate ftps and anonymizers are also available. Common users don't often need the first, while the latter lag too far behind in quality and speed of private proxies.

Where to buy the right proxies?

To use free solutions is not convenient, and sometimes even dangerous. Only private servers combine safety, anonymity and high speed.

Check service reliability for buying Russian proxies: review the feedback of real-life customers, read the company details. Find out, if a proxy service has a group in social media and maintains active communications with buyers.


It's important for the provider to regularly validate servers. How does its technical support work? Can a user independently validate addresses with the tools provided by the company?

Proxy.Market meets all these requirements. You can buy Russian IPv4 and IPv6 proxies with 24/7 technical support, flexible settings and immediate delivery. If you need cheap IPv4 proxies, shared servers are available on the website.


To offer customer-based quality control, the service has checker tools. A user can any time validate the provided addresses, and check, whether website they need are compatible with IPv6 protocol. To learn, why such validation is extremely important when dealing with proxies, read our blog post.


Russian proxies are a convenient, multi-functional tool. Their advantages are especially evident when dealing with websites of this country. Server vicinity to the user accelerates operation, enhances stability, reduces the minimum response time.

So, buying multiple proxies from Russia will enhance efficiency of marketing, SEO, social network promotion, and therefore — income!