Proxy Setup in Windows 10 – Easy Guide

Proxy Setup in Windows 10 – Easy Guide

Proxy Setup in Windows 10What to do, if your IP was banned in your favorite game or website? Or if you need multiple accounts for a website? If you want to surf the Internet safely and anonymously?

There is a way out — to get connected via proxy server, and then between you and the Internet there will be an intermediary protecting your interests. Its address won't be banned, it is not familiar to websites you use, and will be able to protect you from wrongdoers trying to steal your personal data.

But it's not enough to buy a proxy server, it's important to configure it correctly. Read this blog post to learn how to set up proxy on Windows.

How to set up proxy in Windows 10

How to set up proxy for PC running under Windows 10

You don't have to install any additional software to set up a proxy in the operating system, and all installed browsers will run through the intermediary. All actions are executed right inside the Windows system:

  1. Press Start (1). It is usually located in the bottom left. Then go to в Settings (2).Start menu - System Settings
  2. Find the Network and Internet (1).
  3. In the left column there is Proxy server (1).
  4. If you have the script, check Use setup script (1) and enter the data in Script address (2). Save the changes.
  5. Otherwise, choose Use a proxy server (1) in Manual proxy setup. State the port number and IP address in the respective fields (2). If required, state domains of resources, for which proxies will not be used in Use the proxy server except for addresses that start with the following entries (3). Check Do not use proxy server for local (intranet) addresses (3). Save the changes.

Proxy setup for Windows 10 is complete, now you can use anonymous network access for business and entertainment.

Types of available proxy servers

If you don't see the difference between HTTP and SOCKS we mentioned, don't you worry. Read further to learn more.

HTTP is the most widely spread and simple type of server for online surfing. It caches information speeding up online operations. If you open a page again, the protocol won't download the page from scratch, but will use the stored data. However, HTTP is not highly secured, and is not always anonymous. That's why, its more secured version, HTTPS, is more advanced in this respect. Traffic is encrypted protecting a user from data theft.

SOCKS5 is a modern format with reliable encryption and high speed. The websites you access treat the intermediary as the end user, which will ensure complete online anonymity. Even the intermediary itself can't intercept the data passing through it, if a SOCKS5 proxy is connected.

All protocols serve well for their dedicated applications, it's enough to thoroughly select the format to meet your needs. To run your proxy effortlessly, please note one more technical aspect.

In addition to the above protocols, servers also have the address protocol. That's why you can buy IPv4 and IPv6 proxies. The first type is older, more reliable and widely spread, the second is modern and fast. But not all websites support IPv6 format because of specific features of this technology that allows to generate multiple IP addresses within one subnetwork. That's why many websites don't trust a new protocol. But IPv6 format price is much lower.

As users want to know if the bought proxy suits their tasks, reliable providers offer checker tools. Use the tool, for example, by Proxy.Market to check, if a server works fine or the website supports IPv6 protocol.

How to disable a proxy in Windows 10?

It's safer to use any web-browser with enable proxy – thus, no one will compromise your data. But there are some cases, when it becomes necessary to disable it:

  • technical failures when opening websites;
  • the required website doesn't support your proxy protocol;
  • automatic parameter detection doesn't work correctly, unless you entered them manually.

In any of these case, it takes one minute to disable a proxy. Go through all steps of our guide, and in the last step, uncheck Use a proxy server.

Proxies are disabled across OS, and no web-browser will use them, until you solve these problems.


To avoid any issues, choose a reliable provider.

For example, you can buy servers at Proxy.Market. The company validates every address, their technical support works 24/7, and users are offered tools to independently check their orders. IPv4 and IPv6 solutions are available; the older protocol, whose price tag is much higher, is available also as shared proxy. They are several times cheaper, as the price is divided into two or three owners, while reliability and anonymity of the server reduces insignificantly.

Buy proxy servers, check and connect them according to our guide to work safer and more efficiently.