How can proxies ensure online anonymity?

How can proxies ensure online anonymity?
To be anonymous is to be free. But even if you wear a mask, you can be recognized.

We use the Internet all the time. Every day we read news, watch videos, music streams, search for required information, make orders and pay for them online. Anything we do online is traceable and can be a source of information about us. Wrongdoers can learn everything they want from stolen users' personal data. Online anonymity can protect you from such problems.

Read this article to learn more about online anonymity, and how to make yourself anonymous with a proxy server.

What is online anonymity, and how does it protect us?

Quite often we tell a lot about ourselves — in social networks, online games or forums. This is also disclosure, but at least we are aware of its boundaries, and everyone is in charge of the decision made about such deanonymization.

But personal data can be stolen and misused by wrongdoers. You cannot control boundaries of such loss, while can incur damage because of their actions. We receive phone calls from the fraudsters, who violate our privacy, websites prompt us tickets at a price that differs from that offered to other users. Cash disappears from our banking cards, spam is sent to our email, and someone uses our accounts to write fake feedbacks.

In the best case, targeted ads will force you into buying the goods you clicked a couple of times a week ago. Sometimes it can be convenient, but is still unpleasant.

To solve some of these problems, all you have to do is ensure anonymity. After that, the websites you surf won't learn about you more than you need, and malicious software won't steal your personal data.

How to become invisible, and what does it have to do with proxies?

You can meet different people online. And you need to have a barrier between you and bad people.

You can think of many ways to partially hide your online persona, especially if you let your fantasy go. For example, you can travel all over the city with your notebook to get connected via different providers. Don't log into social networks, unknown websites, and don't write any queries in the search engines.

But jokes aside, you can use a variety of services to protect your privacy and support anonymity. And proxies are the best to handle these tasks. These are intermediaries that create a buffer between users and the Internet. It will take the brunt of malicious software and wrongdoers, intrusive advertisement and other threats we want to avoid.

A proxy shows its IP to websites instead of yours, thus giving you complete anonymity. But it is not the only task it deals with. With proxies, you can:

  • create multiple accounts for promotion, advertising and cryptocurrency operations;
  • collect and analyze (parse) a large amount of data avoiding locks;
  • cash information from servers, which can significantly speed up operations;
  • filter incoming traffic cutting off the content you don't need;
  • protect yourself against viruses and hardware designed to collect personal data;
  • control the actual volume of information downloaded from the network.

For gamers, who prefer playing while keeping privacy, stable high-speed connectivity will be a great bonus.

What proxies are best to ensure anonymity?

Proxies can vary in geography depending on the server location. There are both Russian and foreign proxies. This may affect some services, but still the main parameters to pay attention to are technical features of the server. The most important parameter to select the anonymous proxy is the type of the protocol.

IPv4 is a good old reliable format that has been used across the Internet as long as 40 years. Of course, it does have certain disadvantages, but it is supported by all websites. So, IPv4 is all about stability and versatility.

IPv6 that superseded IPv4 features higher speed and more powerful encryption method. It can better handle protection and anonymization. But because changing the protocol implies certain technical difficulties, the new version is not so widely distributed and is not supported by all websites. IPv6 is a good choice, but you have to check compatibility of the resources you plan to use.

Where to find a reliable proxy server?

You can create such intermediary by yourself, if you want, but it takes a lot of efforts and technical expertise. It's easier, and generally more reliable, to buy or rent a server.

The most important here is to choose a suitable proxy service with reliable capabilities and qualified support. For example, Proxy.Market has affordable IPv4 and IPv6 proxies. You can test-drive the server to make sure it works fine. On the provider's website, you can also validate your purchase, and use the special checker to find out, if the required website supports IPV6.

Let us summarize

If you don't want to fight wrongdoers and consequences of the personal data theft, it's better to surf the Internet anonymously. For this, you can use proxy servers that offer additional efficiency and security measures. All you have to do is to choose a reliable provider that offers anonymous proxies. Of course, it's worth validating the servers, and checking website compatibility with new the new protocol.