How to make money on cryptocurrency: proxy servers for token sale

How to make money on cryptocurrency: proxy servers for token sale
There are plenty of cryptocurrencies and the ways to make money on. It's important to choose the one you are good at.<

The earlier you invest, the more you earn — it is one of the key principles of startups, including the cryptocurrency ones. The risks are high, but if you choose the project wisely, they will pay off. Unfortunately, even after assessing and accepting the risks of early investments, there are chances you just won't get access to investments at the project onset. In case of early sales of crypto assets (token sales) you can enhance your chances to hit the jackpot through the right use of private proxy servers. Now let's find out how it works.

Here are some definitions: proxies, token sale, cryptocurrency

If the introduction attracted you with the words "make money" and "jackpot", but we haven't made quite clear what the point is, keep on reading to find the answers.

Crypto Currency is virtual money accounted by a fully automated autonomous decentralized system. Payments in such currency are anonymous.

Token Sale is a cryptocurrency equivalent of IPOs for attracting investments in the project. In this system, a token is an equivalent of securities.

Proxy Server (proxy) is an intermediate link between an Internet user and the Internet itself. It provides anonymity hiding your address, protects against network attacks and facilitates the work speeding up responses to a variety of queries.

Learn more about token sale: how to skim the crypto cream off?

Early token sale is a simple way to raise funds at the onset of startup development. And for investors, purchase turns into a chance to make really high profit. For example, Polygon, an Indian project, has shown 70000% growth vs. the price tag of the token sale.

These sales go through the same stages as real-life startups. First, the pre-emption right is provided to friends and relatives (private sale), and then – to investors.

In case of token sale, there are two stages for investors: presale and public sale. Presale is when crypto assets are essentially cheap, but they can be bought only by those lucky, who are included in the so-called white list of the company. 

Public sale means buying tokens in the public market. This procedure is quite a simple, but not that profitable, that's why it is so important to get into the white list and gain early access.

To earn on cryptocurrency, you have to be faster than your competitors are. But the most important point is that you have to be lucky, as this a game is always risky!

Double profit from proxy-server: why is an Internet intermediary so important?

And here, proxy servers kick into action. With proxies, you can create truly unique accounts linked to different IP addresses. An investor may submit several applications to the white list thus increasing the chances to be admitted to the most valuable proposition.

Proxies help remove other obstacles to super profit.

For example, some brokers limit maximum purchase volume, and if the demand for crypto assets is really high, they can be randomly distributed between buyers. Then, an owner of multiple accounts admitted to early sales gets considerable advantage.

The point is to observe the main rule: one IP address per one account. Otherwise the platform will recognize the trick and the investor will be deprived of access to the token sale. It's not really important whether you buy expensive or cheap proxies, if the broker has no claims.

It doesn't matter whether you've chosen Russian or foreign proxies, though in the first case it makes sense to make sure that the provider is not blocked. It is also very important to thoroughly approach the server choice in general and to use the antidetect browser. Another alternative is to use only mobile proxy servers with automatic address rotation.

Proxy without problems: how to effortlessly use all technology advantages

Of course, to sponge the chosen token sale of everything, you can dive deep into the field and research it inside and out to manage the entire process from scratch. Or to use other's fruit of labour — to rent the server someone has created, set up and delivered to you up and running.

In this case, a lessor company is in charge of the entire technology offering, and all you have to do is to correctly determine the number of servers and control, if the process goes smoothly.

So you can use Proxy.Market services to simplify registration of multiple accounts for the token sale you liked. You can rent private IPv4 or IPv6 proxies of both types: SOCKS5 and HTTPS. The pricing is flexible; you can customize the entire process. If you order many servers, promo codes and discounts on the rented servers turn into a solid advantage. 24/7 support will help, if something goes wrong. But the key benefit of the offering is a free test drive that will help you feel at home and decide, if you are comfortable with the technology.

Wrapping Up

Now a staring crypto investor will have higher chances to skim the cream off the Initial Coin Offering. We have learned what a token sale is and how enormously proxies enhance the chances of being admitted to the white list and buying more at the lowest price. The point is to keep an eye on your IP and use a good proxy service for renting servers.

But the most important thing is to choose the right project, the one that will bring many thousand percents of profit in a little while. This is where proxies can't help; as for the rest, you can rely on them. Just remember that cryptocurrency is a risky endeavor, and our article only helps get a better idea of it, but will not predict the winning strategy.